Lake Reaux

Lake Reaux

About This Campaign

A group of friends and business associates of the late Jerry Reaux want to honor Jerry and his family by naming the Park's 4-acre Wetland Pond "Lake Reaux". Thanks to a generous match offered by Mr. Charlie Kilgore, all contributions to date have been doubled!

Lake Reaux will be a focal point of Moncus Park. Beautiful wetland gardens will line the edge of the pond, showcasing the diversity in native plantings, and inviting birds and wildlife to its waters. Lake Reaux will be a great place for families to enjoy activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Walking paths, benches, the great lawn and the amphitheater will make Lake Reaux a central focus for every day park users!

We hope you'll consider how your family or business can leave a legacy at Lake Reaux today!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 2913 Johnston Street
  • Lafayette, LA 70503
  • USA


Help Buy a Kayak
Plant 30 Water Lilies
Sponsor a Canoe!
Sponsor a Paddle Board!