Farmers Market Pavilion

Farmers Market Pavilion

About This Campaign

Moncus Park is excited to unveil the beautifully designed Farmers Market Pavilion, which will be built in honor of Mr. Paul A. Doerle, Sr., and is being designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Lake|Flato. 


This great new facility will house many different events, including our award-winning Farmers & Artisans Market in a beautiful setting (not to mention it will have real restrooms!!). It will create a more enjoyable experience for both shoppers and vendors, while providing shelter -- rain or shine.  


And, the weekly Farmers and Artisans Market is just the beginning.  Weddings, art markets, birthday parties, live music, movie nights, classes, and much more are all possible once we have this new amenity in the park!

Help make the Market Pavilion a reality and pledge your support today!


Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 2913 Johnston Street
  • Lafayette, LA 70503
  • USA


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