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    1. As a non-profit, Moncus Park relies on private donor dollars and the support of community members. Community partnerships as well as local and national organizations ensure the vision of the space is brought to full fruition. Park supporters show their love in many ways such as Corporate Engagement, Park beautification via in-kind giving, and community programming.

      Corporate Engagement: Corporate engagement can be defined as workplace-based partnerships where employers provide support or encouragement to facilitate volunteering efforts or other involvement opportunities with local organizations.

      In-kind Giving: In-kind Giving can be defined as the donation of tangible goods or services, such as park equipment, supplies, and/or professional expertise. Goods may also be intangible, such as advertising, patents, royalties, and copyrights.

      Community Programming: Community Programming is an excellent way to reinforce the interconnection between community members. Programming at Moncus Park will be geared towards diverse audiences of all ages and will focus on health and wellness, arts and culture, and environmental education.

      Through these partnerships, Moncus Park is able to nurture and facilitate positive experiences for the community by providing quality facilities, services, and programs.

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